Why love Uniqlo....

Uniqlo arrived in NYC with little fanfare. With a few billboards and a tiny store in SOHO, shoppers paid mild attention…until the Japanese powerhouse flexed its muscle and opened their 3 level US Flagship store just a few blocks up.

However, not everyone was convinced…or understood Uniqlo. Some walk by fearing overpriced goods or walk in and question their designer no-how. Here are a few reasons to embrace Uniqlo like we have their Swedish competitor H&M.

  • The Price! You are getting bang for your buck at this store. You can leave with a few key items with less than $100. Or buy a high quality item, like a cashmere sweater, for $60.

  • The Design! Trendy but not over-the-top, classic at times. They also have a cute collection from up-and-coming guest designers.

  • The Jeans! They have a mountain of the latest cuts and washes all around $40!! I am pleased with the quality of the denim and stitching of the skinnys I bought. And they offer FREE in-store alteration on all jeans and pants!!

As a side note, I find their sizes to run big at times, go fig. They receive shipment 7 days a week so feel free to ask if what you are looking for is “in the back”.