Rule #72 - A Financial Lesson

Here is a simple financial rule to add to your knowledge bank. It is the Rule of 72. It is a way to calculate compound interest in a nice easy estimated way.

All the rule does it help you determine the number of years needed to double your money at a given interest rate. So if you have saving account and the current balance is $3,500 at an interest rate of 3% this rule will let you know how long it will take to get to $7,000 (minus the deposits you will be making during that time).

Formula: 72 divided by the interest rate = number of years to double.

Or just go here and use a Rule of 72 calculator.

- Because there is nothing worst than a broke savvy lady:(


2 for 1 today: Inspiring Feedback

A loyal TellMeKC reader sent this feedback in regarding the $5Mani/$10Pedi place, with additional info:

Just wanted to let you know that I tried out that nail place you mentioned on your blog w/ the $5 mani and $10 pedi...it was fabulous!!! There was no wait, my nails still look great and it's sooo cheap!! Two more things to make this place fab, I'm pretty sure the lady there said they're open until 10!!!! AND I bought the 2 Essie colors that were on my fingers and toes...they were only $5 each!!! Those are usually $8 or more at other salons!!! So for me and my little sister to both get manis and pedis and buying 2 polishes, the total was $40!!!!

Keep it coming everyone!!!

"Increasing your Savvy"

Spanx It! A Must Have for ALL Sizes

We all call them Spanx but the true name is Shapewear.

Everyone needs a pair in their special drawer. It doesn't matter if you are 100 pounds are 300+ pounds. We all have some meat that moves.

With all these clingy/matte jersey dresses out there that require just thongs, your other cheeks and thighs need a special type of hug.

I made a recent purchase of the brand Flexees at Macy's for about $20 and it was worth it. In a weird way it adds a notch to the confidence level - probably that extra hug *wink*. No need to doubt how you look and feel.
They come in all shapes, colors, lengths and sizes. There are some for mini-skirts.
Note: This is great for those days when you feel like a hot balloon!


Shoe-t, It's Ain't Just for Mommy Anymore...

Now seems the time to purchase shoes you've been eyeing for a while. Now is even a better time to find shoes that transcend all seasons.

In a weekly window shopping excursion, I out sometime into a particular store that I admit I wouldn't have been caught dead in a few years ago....drum roll..................Naturalizer. That's right ladies! Maybe it's been on your shopping lists, but they have some pretty nice shoes for a pretty small buck.

I tried some that were on displayed and these shoes are comfy:

Instead of paying $98 for Sam Edelman shoes...these Naturalizer are $29.99 and look pretty much the same -

Then if you missed the J.Crew sale and couldn't catch those brown zebra print slippers - these are really cute and the leather they used is not cheap. Worth every dime, again $29.99.

Lastly - I think these slippers were inspired by the designs of Steve Madden (his shoes are so hard, he may be on a mission to hurt women - just a theory) and Guess:

Go make your toes happy or at least don't shun Naturalizer- comfort and style (just like our moms say it)


The Scoop on Restaurant Week

NYC Restaurant Week is upon us once again. New Yorker's have 5 more days to dine at some of best restaurants our great city has to offer and at modest prices. All RW meals are chosen from a 3 course prix-fixe menu for Lunch of Dinner at $24.07 and $35.00 respectively.

The concept is simple, the hard part is deciding where to eat for these 3 reasons:
1. The Spot: RW is a great opportunity for exploration and satisfying your curiosity. Iron Chef's Bobby Flay, Mario Batali and Masaharu Morimoto all have participating restaurants, why not get a taste. Ever wonder why celebs flock to TAO? Now you check it out with out paying celeb prices.

2. The Menu: This could make or break your RW experience. Some RW menus are better off ignored because the selection isn't as appetizing as the regular menu or as filling and you might get a much better meal for only a extra few dollars at the same place. Check the restaurant's RW menu BEFORE you make your reservations.

3. Availability: Be conscious of when you make your reservations. RW is actually 2 weeks, but it excludes the weekends. On the upside, some places are extending the menu until Labor Day! Also, look out for the few restaurants only offering a lunch menu when looking for a dinner spot.

Once you have made your selection. You can make reservation on OpenTable.com or by calling directly. Bon Appetite!!


The More Resources...The Better

Everyone say thank you Katie for sharing the info:)

So we all go to Citysearch.com, Timeoutny.com and NewYorkMag.com for info on the latest happenings in the city.

Here is a new site for you to add to your favorites: http://newyork.metromix.com/

It is always good to have several sources. This one has a better guide to events and music happenings.

Now go out and have fun!


I'm Not A Plastic Bag...But I Do Own One!

Today I stood on super long line at the wee hours of the morning in torrential rain for 2 1/2 hours for a $15 bag. Crazy? You bet! Was is worth it? Absolutely! I got Anya Hindmarch eco-conscious bag and turned a sweet profit with the extra 2 bags on Craigslist.

Fellow AFM-ers

I am definitely a fan of affordable fashion mania (AFM). Everyone wants designer goods at modest prices and NYC is the best city to make it happen. Yes, you will need to wait on line for a certain amount of time, but you will be standing and chatting with the savviest of New Yorkers. You'll be the first and one of the few to have the highly conveted goods and as an added bonus, you can sell you extras eBay or Craigslist for a 3x the selling price!

So, my lovelies, I invite you to join me for the next edition of AFM in NYC!


$5 Mani/$10 Pedi - EVERYDAY!!!

Shout outs to Caron and co-workers for spreading this info:)

Yesterday, I went to the only $5 Manicure and $10 Pedicure I every been to where the price is always that cheap. No lie - it is so not a Monday - Wednesday special. It is an EVERYDAY greatness.

The Place:
Nails II
212A E. 26th Street (bet. 2nd and 3rd Ave.)
*Pics to come. You'll see a green awning for an apt building and you'll pass through what looks like a pseudo garden and voila you are there.
**Don't worry about the distance take a walk and grab a bite or drink at a nearby restaurant afterwards.

It's not a spa scene. It is just a very basic nail shop with no frills.

My friend's french pedi (might have been $15) has been flawless for 2 weeks now!


For A Healthy You

It's time to healthy you check.

Now not everyone is a fan of swallowing those big fat vitamin pills everyday, but as women we MUST make a commitment to out health before it is too late.

Actually with the help of mom, finally found a liquid women's multi-vitamin - yeah!!!! It really doesn't taste nasty, nothing like cough syrup. Yes it is a dark green and a little thick, but before you click away it taste like raspberries:)

It is Source of Life Women and you can buy it online (vitamin details included) or visit a health food store, like Bell Bates in the city hall area.

Be healthy....because there is and will only be one of you!


Alert: Summer Scarves - Go Get'Em

A scarf is needed all year-round no matter what anyone tells you. It may be 90 degrees out but when you where that light spaghetti strap on the cold bus or the Arctic weather office of yours...you need one.

Personally, A scarf is in my purse at all times. It is better than carrying a jacket. You just toss it in the bag and toss it on in what ever fashion you want. As simple as that. Work or play; suit or jeans. You need it!

H&M tends to have some really nice hues. They currently have this beautiful dark pink with silver accent threads for $9.90. I have a great rustic orange from them...so give H&M a try too.

BUT, Urban Outfitters has a GREAT sale. scarves range from $9.99 to $14.99 and online it is an extra 20% off.


Add "Free" to Your Skin Philosophy

While getting a free Skin Physical at Sephora (mentioned a couple of posts ago), some free goodies included two samples of Philosophy's Microdelivery Peel. Don't get scared it isn't some acid like substance that will burn off your self-claimed imperfections.

It really is just a two step exfoliate that reminds me a little bit of the infamous Dr. Brandt's microdermabrasion product - real fine granules that really lift up dead skin cells.

The point is go to Sephora and score a couple of the samples, they come in their own packets. Each packet was good for about 2 uses. So you can do it for two weeks on a Sunday and Wednesday for your 2x a week exfoliation.

The product definitely smoothed out the skin and is pretty addictive.

Your HW:

Find three Sephoras and try to get two packets from each. If one packet lasts for a week then 6 with be a month and a half....that sounds like a good trial period. Go get hooked!


Body Shaping with Mango

Although uber delicious, I’m not talking about the fruit. Mango is a very trendy shop that has yet to make to the big apple. However, thanks to the good ole Internet you too can shop at Mango. Visit the online store and enjoy their current super sale!

I picked up this blazer (50% off) that is a must have for anyone who has a short upper-body (like me!), and I’ll tell you why.

The lapel and collar are thinner than usual and have a wide black rim for balance. Matching a short torso and neckline with a thin and long lapel creates a very complementary proportion. This portioning technique gives your shape the illusion of length. Cool, huh.

PS Mango tends to run a small so try one size up.


The Sales Just Won't Stop....

You were alerted in an earlier post of the plethora of summer sales going on. For those of you leaving NYC for the holidays, good shopping where ever you go. For the rest of us - more sales for us!

While doing window shopping HW to report back to you lovelies the sales were just pouring out of every store:

Express has a pink sequence dress that was $168 now $29.99!!!
Anthropology is really a good place to be if you need a dress for any special summer events.
Arden B. is always the place to go for a nice party/going out piece - they have an additional 65% off.

Thanks Uli for the heads up - Zara is having their once in a blue moon sale. You can find good stuff, but be patient and look through. Oh and check out the bottom shelves for the shoes..you'll be suprise of what good finds they have in the shoe area.

This just in from devoted reader Colleen - Urban Outfitters is having a sweet sale - 50%
Colleen said: "I got 2 necklaces, a shirt and a picture for my apartment for a total of $12!"

Have fun and shop smart!