2 Shoe Brands - Remember This Fall

Rule #1 if you forgot - do not compromise your precious feet for a couple of dollars.

Easier said than done is what we all say, but we live on our feet everyday all day long.

There are two shoe brands that through experience I have come to love and respect for their above average comfort: BCBG Girls and Arturo Chiang. Some of you are probably thinking 1) Am I too old for a brand that has "girl" in its name and 2) who is Arturo Chiang?

I own about 3 pumps of BCBG Girls, collected in the past 2 years and they are the best. I wore those babies out! If you look at any of their pumps - and I prefer a 2" heel or less for work - they have a padding inside the shoe. Also the leather is never disgustingly hard around the edges.

As for Arturo Chiang, I have friends that worship his shoes and I tried on a number of them and the leather is so soft. Reminds me of what you will find in a Cole Haan store minus $250.

Now both these brands are not at the impulsive Nine West prices, but they are brands that if you get a nice basic pump or boot from them your feet will be VERY happy.

Important Thought: Why keep buying boots or pumps every year because of discomfort when you an invest in one nice pair and walk proudly.

As I always say, don't turn your nose to the department store - Macy's or Bloomies. You don't have to stay there forever. Know you are going there for the shoes, use a coupon and get out. Voila!

Tip: If you find a shoe or boot you like and not quite ready to buy, foe about 2 weeks just Google the style name and/or number. You never know what e-commerce site might have it cheaper.

Happy Fall Shopping.


Facercize!!! Because muscles don't end at the neck.

I'm trying really hard to write this post with out going on and on...I really have so much to say. So long story short, if you or a friend or even your momma wants to tighten up your facial features then you must pick up The Tal Reinhart: Facial Workout. It is a full workout to scuplt your facials muscles and correct signs of aging.

I've been doing the work-out and I see a difference in my cheek bones and eyes. I definitely do not look as "tired", as I've been told, anymore. My mother who is a woman of a certain age has seen results, but importantly she feels great about it! I'm young and gravity hasn't hit my face yet but why wait until it does? This is a must have for all women 25 and up, unless you're Iman, lol.


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ALERT! $39.99 Basic Blk Dresses @ The Limited

It was just one of those lazy Sundays sitting in bed watching Bravo and of course the new style show Tim Gunn's Guide To Style, so of course when the call came in to join a friend on some window shopping I was in the mindset of keeping a good fashion eye open.

Totally unexpected while searching through The Limited's sales rack, there was a ton of basic black dresses (DVF wrap like and shirt style) for $39.99!!!!!!

The wrap is a nice long sleeve and heavy jersey like material that totally suitable for work and a night on the town. The shirt style one has buttons down to the waist and has a slight shimmer nothing too drastic. The point is if you are following Tim's 10 essential pieces list and need a black dress or two....chop chop and find your nearest The Limited.

Dresses info:

Wrap Dress: Org. $68 and now $39.99. Sku/style# 30065950

Shirt Dress: Org. $78 and now $39.99/. Sku/style# 30066438

Unfortunately there is no online shopping for this store. If you live in Brooklyn and can head to Kings Plaza - do it! The foot traffic is not like Manhattan and you can find your size (hop on or connect to the B46, B9, B41, B47)

Hope all goes well!


Food Cometh To Thee

From what I am hearing and seeing since post-labor day weekend everyone is in full swing at their jobs. Busy as a bee is being nice, in most cases folks are running around like chickens with their heads off - sorry did not mean to be drastic.

Anyhoo, if you are having difficulty leaving your desk for grub well then just order it online through Delivery.com or Seamlessweb.com (why the latter is named so I don't know). I have been using delivery.com for almost two years and it is great. The pluses are:

  • You have your order written down so there is no chance of someone messing it up because they couldn't hear you over the background kitchen noise.
  • A good number of restaurants to choose from and the criteria used to narrow down includes minimum delivery charge; fastest delivery service to the type of cuisine you want.
  • You can place your order in the AM and schedule it to arrive by lunch time. Nice!
  • They also do cash and all major cards.

Make sure you remember this when winter hits. Oh and tip the delivery guy well, because he is most likely walking through weather you don't want to experience.


Ain't No Half Steppin' this Fall

Fancy hosiery was all the rage for 2006. Designers, like Tracy Reese, sent their models down the runway with opaque and patterned legs. Fortunately, this understated accessory is still full force for Fall 2007. Usually, I'd stock up on hosiery at my local Duane Reade but not this year. Why would I, when I can afford the piece right off the runway. There will be no half steppin' with my hosiery, I'm getting the good stuff! Below are my favorite brands.

This popular runway brand is known for being simple yet noticeable. As the name suggests, you can find tights in all of the hottest colors. It took a while for me to accept grown women wearing sporting colored legs, but just like everything else, it's how you wear it. If you subtly incorporate the color throughout your ensemble with simple layered pieces, you can make it work. A pair of Hue's will only set you back about $15.

Sexy, Sultry and oh so Sassy. This popular french brand was bought out by Christian Dior a couple of years back and is a permanent fixture on Dior runway. Élégance (the hosiery store in Penn Station, MSG entrance) claims to be the exclusive American retailer for Gerbe. Their tights are top quality, some are 5% silk for added durability and comfort. A pair of their unique tights will run about $25.

This German based company produces very sophisticated yet youthful tights. They usually carry a unique selection classy fish-nets. Every working girl should pop into their store and get a pair that tickles their fancy. A pair of Fogal's will run about $20.

Now go give your hardworking legs a treat. Get the steppin'!