Sometimes Naughty Feels Good

This year I refused to let Spring catch me off guard and neither should you. By that I mean, getting so comfortable with my winter boots that when the random day of 50+ degree weather hits, you're not scrambling for shoes to put on. Not this year.

I started the search for cute/stylish/semi-sexy flat shoes that will go with about anything and have some personality. You should do the same. Try to break away from the standard colors and go for umph.

As I browsed Macy's (yes it's worth the crowds because of the coupons you get to use), I came across the Nine West section and right there was the perfect flat - they call it Naughty.

It comes in a bunch of colors and styles. I highly suggest the Black/White Fabric which is really that with a touch of color in the form of a watercolor like floral design. Super comfortable and the busy design let's you get away with not having an abundance of accessories. Economical and chic. You can find the shoe at Zappos. You can definitely elect for the bronze and silver colors; they have a classy sparkling touch.

Definitely try to get at Macy's so you can use their coupon. It was recently on sales as their Everyday Value.

Happy Shopping!


You Otto Know

Don't ask what took me so long to wine and dine at Mario Batali's OTTO, but I finally did and highly recommend it.

It is perfect for girl chat, a date or catching up with whoever (college friend, co-workers or even a fun client).

The scene is expected NYC, but there is nothing fake or stoosh about it. You are greeted by a warm hostess and once you give your name and number in your party, you're handed a paper with your "train" name. Yes I said train. They have this cool flip board that works just like Amtraks arrival/departure screen.

I love this because once you check-in, head to the bar and get a bottle of wine to share with friends at one of the many standing tables - As you wait for your train - After the first sip the estimated hour wait the waitress told you means absolutely nothing.

Oh yes and I did say bottle. The wine list is extensive and vary in price from $29 to $200 ( I am sure there were higher price points - I just stopped looking). Yes you can have a glass but this is where you go buy a bottle and sip with two other friends.

The food menu is a quarter size of the wine list but good. I suggest ordering a salad; pasta dish and pizza for 2-3 people, more folks add in another dish. The food is delicious and not expensive at all - $8 salads; $9 pastas and $13 pizzas. With the split bottle total affordable classic NY evening.
Suggestion: Try making it a spot where you have a standing meeting with select friends. Maybe every 3rd Wednesday you guys meet and chat there (over a bottle...lol).
I can't wait to go back!


Rocking It Solo

I recently took on a long overdue challenge- eating dinner alone.

Maybe some of you have done this already and can chime in how great and a must-do it is.

Here is what every woman needs to do at some point. Have drink and/or dinner at a restaurant by yourself, preferably at the bar area of the restaurant.


  • One of the best ways to prove you are comfortable on your own.

  • You meet some of the most amazing people. You will be surprise of the great conversations you can have with the bartender and people around you. They are in awe that you can do this on your own.

  • What better way to try a dish or venue that has been on your wish list, without having to wait for friends to go.

This screams independence!

I recently did this at Planet Thailand 212 and it was a great experience. The bartender Matt was amazing and my curry duck was delicious. I even got to meet the manager and tried a dish with a drink for free. The benefits of rocking it solo.


Alert: J. Crew Sale In-Store + Addt'l 30% Off

The J.Crew final sale that is currently going on on-line is just as good or even better in store.

Head to the Prince street location:
99 Prince St NY 10012
212 966 2739

There they have a ton of accessories and clothing that are on sale + an extra 30% off, such as skinny belts and bracelets for $14.99 with an additional 30% off.



Oh D'Mai

For my birthday each year for the past 3 years I take the day off and go spa-ing. I wish I could do it more often but time and money sometimes is a barrier.

However, my favorite spa that I revisit each year is having a special which I hope you can enjoy. D'Mai Urban Spa, located in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, is offering 20% off it services if booked between Monday -Thursday, starting now to December 31st.

Their prices are already reasonable and the place is fabulous. The reasons why I love it:

  1. The quiet neighborhood - What is the point of going to a nice spa and entering/leaving in a busy area (i.e. Manhattan)

  2. Good touch, Good eats - Not only are their snacks healthy and yummy as you wait in between services or just in general. When you are done a stroll 2-3 blocks down places you among some nice eats.

  3. The service - The people there are just so nice and friendly. I feel like a queen each time.

Book your service or get a discounted gift certificate for a friend (for a massage or facial only); hop on the 2/3 train to Bergen street and walk 4 blocks to relaxation.


Colorful Strides

It's amazing how when you cut back on shopping it forces you to really re-look your wardrobe and make it happen.

Accessorizing has been the cure to stay fashionable and economical. What a necklace; bracelet; pin and even stockings can do is life saving for any shop-o-holic.

Try this: Revisit your skirts and dresses and say goodbye to the black and flesh tone tights/stockings and get some color in your life. Don't even put a lot of thought into it.

Most retailers like Gap and Ann Taylor are selling some fun colorful and/or interesting design tights to bring life to an ordinary outfit.
But you don't even need to go there. Try your major department store where the prices are cheaper and the selection is larger. My favorite is Macy's Herald Square. Go to the 1.5 floor and right there it is like stepping into tights wonderland. There is one line called Hue and they have every color and design under the sun. Use your Macy's coupon if you can. Just grab 2-3 of your favorite color tights and it will all come together. If you are scared take small steps with these colors 1) Blueish/gray; 2) brown with textured design and 3) dark purple/magenta

On a not so bad winter day I have worn opague colored tights with stack heel platform sandals from the summer. It works!

Go step it up a bit!