Update: Can KC Make Shopping Magic...?

Don't you hate it when you purchase an item from your favorite store and then a week or two later you get a really good coupon for like 20% off in the mail/email, but of course it says "NOT for use on previous purchases"?

Well KC likes to go against the grain and think an exception is always possible. This afternoon KC will try to make shopping magic happen. If it can be pulled off or not, the key lessons will be shared to help you be an intelligent shopper.

Stay tune..........and wish KC luck!

Thanks for your patience.....THE RESULTS.....

Yes! I *heart* Banana Republic. They applied the 20% off coupon to a previous purchase:)

What I did and why it worked:

  • Before going to the store I called and gave them sympathetic logic on the phone I said "Instead of me having to carry the item back to return and buy back with the coupon, can't I just have a price adjustment made?"
  • They said sure! With the managers name in hand and cheesy smile - no questions asked the sales associate went to work
  • BONUS: Dude totally made and error and instead of 20% gave me 30% off!!!

Lesson learned - Think happy shopping thoughts and they will come true.