2 New Beauty Favorites

Favorite #1
If you ever had the chance to shop in the health & beauty section of a Target - you may find yourself there for a few hours. However there are not a ton in NYC and none in Manhattan.

A favorite alternative is the beauty section in some Bed, Bath and Beyond stores. Some of you may have already discovered this wonderful treasure. They acquired Harmon discount stores and named their beauty section "Harmon at Bed, Bath & Beyond."

The point is that they carry a ton of all the brands you love and more - a good amount of natural/organic lines too. AND the prices are much lower than our CVS and Duane Reades.

The two BB&B locations that have this to-die-for section are:

- The one on 6th Ave. and 19th St.

- also on 61st St. and 1st Ave.

Favorite #2
Finally a clear sunblock - so no more white thick substance that you have to rub with force to get that even spread and rub in even more vigorously to blend into your skin.

Loving the Neutrogena's Fresh Cooling Sunblock Gel! The cooling feature might be a bit of an overstatement for them though.

Anyhoo, to wear get hydrated with your favorite lotion and after a few minutes spread on this easy to put on sunblock - don't put on too soon after your moisturizer or mix b/c weird things may happen...lol. It's like $8.99 at BB&B (see above), cheaper than the $10.99/$11.99 sunblocks at those other department stores.

Have safe summer fun!


Don't Sleep on L&T...A Coupon to Wake You Up

When we think of Lord & Taylor the picture of moms and grannies might come to mind, or the last minute run for a evening/wedding/cocktail dress.

Seriously though, while looking through the sophisticated department store they have quite a good selection that appeals to young and old and even better they don't have the mass crowds of Macy's and Bloomies.

Why you should go...because:

  • If you are in need of sunglasses they have a huge selection without the annoying fellow shoppers. So you can do all that posing in the mirror and not feel silly.

  • Their shoe section is almost like a sanctuary - finally a place to sit down and calmly try on a few pumps.

  • ...Their sales are always good. period.

Everyone thank Caron for sending the coupon:)


Hmm...I Like How She Did That

It's fair to say that us ladies are always looking for ways to maximize an outfit. Whether it is making a dress functional for the office and after-work fun or just adding a punch to something we already own.

Well inspiration came last Friday when a colleague put an assemble together that made you just want to go "Duh! why didn't I think of that."

J. layered a black long tunic like shirt with a satin/silk lavender champagne colored Club Monaco skirt she had tucked away in the closet. All at the office just loved it! It definitely added that punch!

So the fashion take away is:

  • Pair a short dress or long shirt with a colorful skirt (maybe even a thin spaghetti strap dress). Personally the matte jersey material (shout out to Miss DVF) and a silk/satin pair seems to be a good fit.

  • With this pairing, just a change of shoes and top; OR change of shoes and removing the bottom layer will have you ready for evening activities

  • To be even more daring - maybe this part isn't meant for the office - go to the VS sale and get a little silk dress and place under a semi-sheer simple black dress or long tunic. BR had some on sale for their cashmere-cotton like line.

  • Stores to consider for these ensembles: Urban Outfitters; Victoria Secret; Arden B.; MangoShop; Uniqulo; H&M...

  • ...my favorite spot for trendy items at low prices and without the Forever 21 and the H&M crowd - Mystique Boutique (Broadway bet. Spring and Prince).

Have fun dressing!


ALERT: Bath and Body Works - OMG Sale!

Off to your nearest Bath & Body Works store. They have really good sale going on - it's their semi-annual sale - told you all it's that time of the year.

How good is the sale - well dig through their different sale sections. Just scored a C.O. Bigelow Rose Water lotion for $1.80!!!!!

  • If you can get some of the brands they don't own that is a plus.

  • Try to go with a friend and stack up on the Aromatherapy line sugar scrubs. Buy 2 get 2 free - so that means if you and a friend split it you'll come home with 2 sugar scrubs for $20. And to be very honest the price range for sugar scrubs is $16-28.

  • Rack up on the $1-$2 little lotions and body washes for any summer travel plans or just for your gym bag.

NYC might smell just a little bit better with this sale going on. Check it out online too.


ALERT: Jcrew In-Store Sale Additional 25% Off


Get to your nearest J. Crew pronto!!! They are at it again offering an extra 25% off sales items. Two months ago I scored the long navy polka dot dress for $33.47 (originally $158) and it was far from being out of season.

So go get some flip flops, basic tees, skirts and most of all their oh-so cute dresses.

Favorite Locations:
Rockefeller Center - high tourist area but they stay pretty stocked up
Flatiron/Chelsea - 5th avenue and 17th - not too hectic - NQRW,456 to union square or better tare RW to 23rd and take a nice walk over.
Madison between 44 and 45th ( they close early like 7PM) - very low-key place because it isn't a prime shopping area.


Roberto Cavalli + H&M...you've been warned.

You remember the massacre at H&M when the Stella McCartney line debuted. Of course you recall the mayhem when Karl Lagerfeld debuted there as well. And if you happened to miss the last super-high-low-end line raid when Proenza Schouler previewed their Target line at Opening Ceremony(SOHO), then you do not want to miss Roberto Cavalli for H&M!!!

Perhaps you'll never use a whole months pay for a true Cavalli Gown like Beyonce, but I have confidence he'll have something as sexy for you to wear and all under $100 for each piece!

I must tell you important bit here....get closer... this is very important. Not only is this a budget fashionista's dream, this is also a huge moneymaker on eBay. The past door-busters, on average, resale on eBay between 2-4 times thier retail value (more cash to buy clothes!!)

I will follow-up with our plan of attack as there will ONLY be 200 stores featuring Cavalli for H&M, coming Winter 2007. Stay Tuned!

ALERT: Summer Starts and Sales Unfold


It is the rule not to post anything untried, but to prevent delay and get you all on top of your shopping game we'll post based on word of mouth anyway.

The lovely Veronica passed the message that the Banana Republic Summer Sale starts today. If you go in store and they have any of their premium leather collection (Asbury and Bedford) on sale and you really like it go for it. Gap Inc.'s leathers are not that bad at all.

It's also been said my some co-workers that Old Gravy has a great sale as well. Their summer dresses ain't bad at all.

Make sure to check back in Lucky Brand Jeans...towards the end (ends on July 4th) each time during the sale they take 75% off accessories so you can easily score a nice whimsical/funky belt for $8-$11 - based on last January's sale (first hand experience).

Note this: If you buy your Lucky sales items online you can actually exchange it within 15 days vs. in-store where it is a final sale....so if you see something you like and need one size smaller or bigger log-on!


Don't Forget - Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale is ON!!!

Just got an email from good friend Uli with a wonderful reminder that the VS secret is up and running in the stores.

The best non-hectic one to visit is on 5th and 19th street. Otherwise order online you will certainly get your size that way.


KC Signatures Jewelry. EXCLUSIVE OFFER!!!

In midst of retail giants of Lexington Ave like Bloomingdales, Banana Republic, ZARA, and GAP stands the cozy jewelry store KC Signatures at 667 Lexington Ave. They have from the super trendy to very classic and everything in between. Being owned by a darling Indian family, they also feature top quality authentic Indian jewelry and accessories (even Bollywood megastar Preity Zinta shops there!)

The big seller for me is their amazing long gold tone necklaces. They are versatile, unique, would definitely prompt the "wear did you get that?" from friends and only about $20! I picked one up with a matching set of earrings.

Our friends over at KC Signatures have an EXCLUSIVE OFFER for Tell Me KC readers!! 20% off your next purchase until June 30th with this coupon. Just Click and Print. Enjoy!!

ALERT: Ends at 11:59PM TONIGHT - Extra 20% off at BananaRepublic.com

Hey All,

While digging through the bag, stumbled upon a coupon for BR that ends at midnight tonight.

So far an extra 20% off at Banana Republic enter code: BananaSUN

Happy Shopping!

- KC


Free Health Panel Event - Step Up Women's Network

Most programs offered by Step Up Womens' Network is mostly free or low cost for members only.

BUT, in two weeks there is a Women's Health Panel that is open to members and guests for FREE. So go and register if you can attend.

Here is the flier and text details:

6/27/07, 6:30-8:30pm MS Society, 733 Third Ave (between 45th and 46th)

Join us for an informative panel on what every woman needs to know at each stage of her life. Topics such as cardiovascular, dermatological, breast and reproductive health will be covered and event participants will be able to ask the panel of medical experts questions of their own. Sponsored by Lipton Pyramid Teas and Extend Fertility.

Moderator: Sapna Parikh, MD (Fox 5 Medical Correspondent)

Carina Biggs, MD, Breast Oncologist
Leila Mureebe, MD, Vascular Surgeon
Jane Ruman, MD, Reproductive Endocrinologist
Amy Wechsler, MD, Dermatologist


THEE Lucky Brand Jean Sale - It's Back!!

50% off and counting...starts Friday, June 15th to July 4th ...GO ASAP

Every winter and summer Lucky Brand Stores have their major sales where jeans are 50% off and accessories go up to 75% off.

For your Jean fix you can't go wrong. They also have cool tops for the bohemian/hippie style lovers. Oh and their belts - towards the end of the sale they are an extra 25% off. Let's just say in January a $50 belt was only an $8 -11 damage...lol.


  • Try the 22nd and 5th Avenue location, but due note it does get hot in their so bring some water.
  • Also the 3rd Ave. and 67th street location (this one tends to be quiet and well stocked).

Now go get Lucky!!


Free Admission to beauty Expo!!! Go register!

The smarter you are when it comes to the beauty biz the better the chances you get what you want.

Go to www.hbaexpo.com and register for the HBA Global Expo that takes place September 18-20th.

Registration Page

There are complimentary passes. Once you begin to register the option for free admission is at the bottom.

Why not take a lunch break with a friend and head over to get the beauty scoop – it is or even better than ice cream – get it?..lol.

Now chop chop and go register. Worst case scenario you don’t go – so what it’s free!

Any questions drop an email at tellmekc@gmail.com


Anbar in the Rough

Designer shoes you say? 50% off you say? Well say no more, because Anbar Shoes is your answer. This little gem of a shoe store is oddly located in City Hall Area at 60 Reade St (Chambers St on A,C trains).

They offer shoes from designers like Betsy Johnson, Laundry, Nina, BCBG, Walter Steiger, Cesare Paciotti, Delman, Beverly Feldman, Hype to name a few

They are currently in clearance to make room for more goodies so everthing is less than $81. I shared some deals below.

Look at these Betsey Johnson's. Orignally $156, currently $44!

These sexy gold sandal pumps by Laundry were $135 but at Anbar its only $39!

ALERT: Silk/Cotton Black Dress 26.99!! Gap Stores Only

You can never have enough basic black dresses. Listen up ladies - so the cotton/silk blend Gap dress that comes in White, Black and Pink - well the Black is on sale for $26.99 (org. $69.50) in Gap Stores only. Try the on on 23rd St. and 8th avenue or 17th St. and 5th Avenue. These are quiet locations that tend to be stock. But any Gap will do.

The pink isn't on sale and the white one dropped to 34.99.

Forget about how many people might have this dress - accessorize with shoes, bags, crop jacket, etc. to make it your own. I tried it on just for you!!! This will definitely be a piece that will transcend time and people will ask where did you get it and how much you paid for it - and your answer will knock'em dead.