Black Hair Doesn’t Grow: Myth Busted

Growing up, we were told there were only too ways for black girls to have long hair: 1. They had Indian in their family 2. They bought it. However, I wasn't convinced and neither was Cathy Howse. She spent over 20 years debunking the myths of black hair care and giving the facts (straight...no chaser). Having grown my hair to mid-back length, I can attest that her website and books are exactly what you need to learn how to grow and maintain your hair. The best part is...her hair care method is all COMMON SENSE, you'll be smacking you're forehead in awe wondering why you didn't think of it. You can be rest assured that you will be in good hands - your hands!

Cathy spent a better part of her research in the lab developing a product line supporting black hair growth. Her Lotion Creme Moisturizer is a must have for all black hair types and a miracle for dry hair. Visit Cathy at http://ultrablackhair.com/ and pick up her book "Ultra black Hair Growth II".

Now that you are all equipped - Ready, Roller Set, Grow!!!