ALERT: $38 Ninewest Pumps @ Macy's and more...

Just last night I went into Macy's and learned they are having their Friends and Family sale weekend. Although it ends tomorrow. two things learned that must be shared:

  1. If you don't have a coupon, you can go to the front Info Desk and ask for one (Never new that - so good to know).
  2. On the 5th floor there are some black; patent leather black; shiny navy blue and silver 3" pumps on sale that come to $38.64 (org. $69). Unfortunately if you use your Macy's card there is no extra 15% off.

What is known for sure is that very year they have basically the same pump with a different style# - they tend to be comfy. I have them from previously years in red; dark pink; purple and gold.