Old Gravy

Confession - popping into Old Navy is not on the regular shopping rounds list for no reason at all. BUT last week was definitely a reawakening. They have have some great basic dresses that you will have to be straight silly to mess up. Here are two I found, scored and saved with the extra 20% stuff and save sale they were having...on sale or not these are great buys.

The sateen tube - ($34.50) is very much like a cotton/shiny tube I got from the GAP a few years ago. With heels and a cute blazer or tight jean jacket you can't go wrong.
Perfect for: That long day you have work AND an evening event.

The jersey dress ($29.50 ) screams Sexy Casual - with the easy going fabric and not too deep v-neck - make way for a nice necklace. PS- I tried these on and you don't need jeans if you aren't shy:)
Perfect for: A casual lunch with friends on the weekend and actually this too can be used for a Thursday/Friday when you have work in the day and hanging with friends in the evening.