Eating Solo, but So Good

How often do you find yourself running errands, shopping or doing something that has you in the city for a few hours and then all of a sudden you have that empty stomach feeling? You are hungry, but alone = no one to eat with. So you start thinking where can I grab a bite all by myself but not look like a loner. You see McDonalds – ughh no; you see Starbucks—ughh tired of that, plus you want food not cookies and coffee. Ahh hum *clearing throat* my recommendation is Marquet Patisserie over on E. 12th Street and University Place.

I recently was out and about my lonesome self and felt I was about to die if I didn’t eat. I stumbled upon this place near NYU and had a nice brunch right by the window. The price range is about $* to $13 if I remember correctly and the food was good and for once I had a nice cup of hot tea.

It is also a nice spot to have brunch with friends.