Shh....I have a fab SATC secret.....shhhh

I love Sex and the City...no big secret. Chances are you do to and you bought the extended cut of the Sex and City Movie DVD. One of the several bonus scenes has Carrie using a payphone with a fabulous set of gloves - the too cute (and 10 time more practical then its awkward 4 finger predecessor) 5-Finger Leather Half Glove!!! Now here is the secret...after being sold out for the umpteenth time...Patrica Fields will have these in stock Nov 1st in her Manhattan shop. Shh...don't tell anyone until I get my pair!

Patricia Fields - $48


JCP's Good Deal

You may be wondering why I'm giving info on JC Penny; isn't that where moms and grandmothers shop? Yes and no. We may not think of JCP as fashionable but there is more to buying clothes...think of home; electronics; furniture and the list goes on.

Right now JCP has a promotion where you can save 30% off your purchase - OMG! You can seriously decrease a comforter set (which I just did) AND you can use it on sale items.

Use the following code: FallFun
Coupon code expires on 10/20/08.

One cool feature about JCP is that if you are worried about ordering and not being home to accept delivery and you really don't want to send it to your job, well JCP has various centers throughout the city where you can have it shipped and pick it up at a different time- sweet!


Good Deal at Enterprise

Now that it's getting a bit cooler, I bet all the errands you have to run will be so much better if you were behind a wheel versus waiting at a cold bus stop. For those that don't own a car and need to rent once in a while, I found a pretty good deal on retailmenot.com for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Here are the details:

Promotion: 20% off
Code: ETC7HC
Cool factor: This is not limited to airport locations - yes!

I've used this before and even the people that work at enterprise comment on how good a deal it is . You can practically get a Saturday AM to Monday AM rental for a little over $80 - now that is a everywhere-outside-of-NYC price:)