The Perfect Fit

The first sign of a well dressed person is and will always be how well their clothes fit them. A proper fit accentuates and hides in all the right places. This applies to men, woman, tall, short, big and small and everything in between. So if you are blessed in certain areas than most or vertically challenged, then you inevitably have experienced the disappointment of finding clothes in your “size” but not “fit”.

Sign-up for the Make Workshops “Altered States” class by Cal Patch (or "Fashion DIY" with Nicole Smith). She will teach how to alter your clothing to achieve your perfect fit. So bring in that shirt that fits in the chest region but doesn’t in the waist, or those pants that fit and the hip yet boat around your waist, or those jeans that should be an inch or 2 shorter, or …you get the idea.

My suit skirt dilemma
Before: Unflattering high-waist skirt. After: Perfect modern-fit pencil skirt

If you become addicted to perfecting your fit (like I am), here is a good and inexpensive beginner sewing machine. If not, this class will give invaluable knowledge on what to demand from your local tailor/dry cleaner.