Free Face SkinCare Check-up

Ladies - some of you have experienced going to the derm for face check up just to make sure you are doing the right thing and using the right products, BUT they don't do much and hit you with a

copay and a bunch of prescriptions.

A solution is here...yeah!! Sephora is offering what they call a SkinPhysical at select stores. It is totally free and they check for sun damage, dark spots, wrinkes, hydration, elasticity and more...and it's FREE!!!

Ask for Regina at the Union Square Sephora, she was great! She didn't push a lot of products on me, just made one recommendation. Also, try going with a buddy. When there is a group of women the chatter is so much more fun.


Inhale...Exhale (Let it Rip)

First time getting a bikini wax (specifically the deep french) went oh so good!

The place you have to try:
J'Adore Spa
179 Madison Ave # 2 (bet. 33rd and 34th street)
New York, NY 10016(212) 684-1166
Take the #6 train and walk.

Who to ask for: Alla, she was awesome!

Great for: If you are a newbie they recommend how far you should go, often recommending
french/deep french = top and sides basically.

Coolness: They use Lamaze techniques to help you breathe out the pain. You are so busy on
your breath you don;t even realize.

Happy Bank Account: A deep french costs about $24/$26 - can't remember exactly because was too in awe of being a first timer and still alive:) Overall it is much cheaper than most talked about places.

References: Still need convincing check it out on www.yelp.com the reviews are blazing nice.


Alert: 25% H&M Coupon 5/25 -5/28

Enjoy the discount!!! Just remember H&M is considered to be a disposable clothing retailer. This will be a great opportunity to grab some basics in a plethora of colors.
Favorite H&M locations:
- On 5th avenue and 18th (somewhere in the teens)
- 58th and Lexington (near Bloomies) it looks like a real store
- For the late night shopper 34th and 7th opens late up to 10PM M-Sat. GREAT! emergency party-top-needed-stop. Testimony: I grabbed two dresses before flying out to DR late one night and received a bunch of compliments.


Why love Uniqlo....

Uniqlo arrived in NYC with little fanfare. With a few billboards and a tiny store in SOHO, shoppers paid mild attention…until the Japanese powerhouse flexed its muscle and opened their 3 level US Flagship store just a few blocks up.

However, not everyone was convinced…or understood Uniqlo. Some walk by fearing overpriced goods or walk in and question their designer no-how. Here are a few reasons to embrace Uniqlo like we have their Swedish competitor H&M.

  • The Price! You are getting bang for your buck at this store. You can leave with a few key items with less than $100. Or buy a high quality item, like a cashmere sweater, for $60.

  • The Design! Trendy but not over-the-top, classic at times. They also have a cute collection from up-and-coming guest designers.

  • The Jeans! They have a mountain of the latest cuts and washes all around $40!! I am pleased with the quality of the denim and stitching of the skinnys I bought. And they offer FREE in-store alteration on all jeans and pants!!

As a side note, I find their sizes to run big at times, go fig. They receive shipment 7 days a week so feel free to ask if what you are looking for is “in the back”.


Update: Can KC Make Shopping Magic...?

Don't you hate it when you purchase an item from your favorite store and then a week or two later you get a really good coupon for like 20% off in the mail/email, but of course it says "NOT for use on previous purchases"?

Well KC likes to go against the grain and think an exception is always possible. This afternoon KC will try to make shopping magic happen. If it can be pulled off or not, the key lessons will be shared to help you be an intelligent shopper.

Stay tune..........and wish KC luck!

Thanks for your patience.....THE RESULTS.....

Yes! I *heart* Banana Republic. They applied the 20% off coupon to a previous purchase:)

What I did and why it worked:

  • Before going to the store I called and gave them sympathetic logic on the phone I said "Instead of me having to carry the item back to return and buy back with the coupon, can't I just have a price adjustment made?"
  • They said sure! With the managers name in hand and cheesy smile - no questions asked the sales associate went to work
  • BONUS: Dude totally made and error and instead of 20% gave me 30% off!!!

Lesson learned - Think happy shopping thoughts and they will come true.


Old Gravy

Confession - popping into Old Navy is not on the regular shopping rounds list for no reason at all. BUT last week was definitely a reawakening. They have have some great basic dresses that you will have to be straight silly to mess up. Here are two I found, scored and saved with the extra 20% stuff and save sale they were having...on sale or not these are great buys.

The sateen tube - ($34.50) is very much like a cotton/shiny tube I got from the GAP a few years ago. With heels and a cute blazer or tight jean jacket you can't go wrong.
Perfect for: That long day you have work AND an evening event.

The jersey dress ($29.50 ) screams Sexy Casual - with the easy going fabric and not too deep v-neck - make way for a nice necklace. PS- I tried these on and you don't need jeans if you aren't shy:)
Perfect for: A casual lunch with friends on the weekend and actually this too can be used for a Thursday/Friday when you have work in the day and hanging with friends in the evening.


Black Hair Doesn’t Grow: Myth Busted

Growing up, we were told there were only too ways for black girls to have long hair: 1. They had Indian in their family 2. They bought it. However, I wasn't convinced and neither was Cathy Howse. She spent over 20 years debunking the myths of black hair care and giving the facts (straight...no chaser). Having grown my hair to mid-back length, I can attest that her website and books are exactly what you need to learn how to grow and maintain your hair. The best part is...her hair care method is all COMMON SENSE, you'll be smacking you're forehead in awe wondering why you didn't think of it. You can be rest assured that you will be in good hands - your hands!

Cathy spent a better part of her research in the lab developing a product line supporting black hair growth. Her Lotion Creme Moisturizer is a must have for all black hair types and a miracle for dry hair. Visit Cathy at http://ultrablackhair.com/ and pick up her book "Ultra black Hair Growth II".

Now that you are all equipped - Ready, Roller Set, Grow!!!


Good Grub for $20 bill + a few $1s

Sometimes when you are out and about in the city (especially after some good shopping, window shopping or gymming) you just want to have a good meal with a good drink and recap the days events with your girlfriends. But we all hate having to worry about how expensive the place maybe; if you are dressed appropriately and did you need to make a reservation - too many worries.

(Arroz con Pollo $12 w/ classic mojito $8)
The solution - Hands down Havana Central ( http://www.havanacentral.com/) in Union Square (17th bet 5th and Broadway) is a top pick. As long as you like Cuban food and you can appreciate a nice hot meal..hmmm mmm mmm. Like the title says for a $20 bill and a few singles that equals a mojito, a meal, tax AND tip. Let's just say that on Sunday the pics you see of food disappeared (all of it) in the tummies of KC.

Did we say how good the mojitos were...hmmm $8/$9 delicious.

So go forth and get some new shoes from DSW; linens on sales at Filene's Basement; grab a book form Barnes & Noble and touch your face up and the nearby Sephora...after all that eat at Havana!

(Cuban burger w/sweet potato fries -$12 & strawberry mojito $9)


ALERT: $38 Ninewest Pumps @ Macy's and more...

Just last night I went into Macy's and learned they are having their Friends and Family sale weekend. Although it ends tomorrow. two things learned that must be shared:

  1. If you don't have a coupon, you can go to the front Info Desk and ask for one (Never new that - so good to know).
  2. On the 5th floor there are some black; patent leather black; shiny navy blue and silver 3" pumps on sale that come to $38.64 (org. $69). Unfortunately if you use your Macy's card there is no extra 15% off.

What is known for sure is that very year they have basically the same pump with a different style# - they tend to be comfy. I have them from previously years in red; dark pink; purple and gold.



The Perfect Fit

The first sign of a well dressed person is and will always be how well their clothes fit them. A proper fit accentuates and hides in all the right places. This applies to men, woman, tall, short, big and small and everything in between. So if you are blessed in certain areas than most or vertically challenged, then you inevitably have experienced the disappointment of finding clothes in your “size” but not “fit”.

Sign-up for the Make Workshops “Altered States” class by Cal Patch (or "Fashion DIY" with Nicole Smith). She will teach how to alter your clothing to achieve your perfect fit. So bring in that shirt that fits in the chest region but doesn’t in the waist, or those pants that fit and the hip yet boat around your waist, or those jeans that should be an inch or 2 shorter, or …you get the idea.

My suit skirt dilemma
Before: Unflattering high-waist skirt. After: Perfect modern-fit pencil skirt

If you become addicted to perfecting your fit (like I am), here is a good and inexpensive beginner sewing machine. If not, this class will give invaluable knowledge on what to demand from your local tailor/dry cleaner.