Prime Time

I always wonder how can I make my make up last for a full day or at least a full work day. I was told a while back that a primer can make a big difference, but I was reluctant because of my oily skin.

I finally gave in and tried Smashbox's primer which was good, but not for the oily skin types (maybe in the winter or when the air is really dry). But the primer that has worked best for me since mid last year and I can finally attest to is Laura Geller's Spackle.

It is very light weight and has a slight iridescent to it that makes you glow just a tad bit once makeup is applied.

My routine is to apply to my skin about 10-15 minutes after I applied my moisturizer. I think wait about another 5 minutes before applying my makeup.

For my oily skin, it has worked wonders. My face has an even tone, provided by the makeup that lasts all day. In the cases I do get a bit oily; it is as if the primer allows for equal distribution of the oil so I don't look gross.

A said benefit of primers are that is creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup to keep it healthy and smooth. I believer that, but also keep in mind the primer itself is a product that can have some affect.

Enjoy your primer - whichever you choose.


Your Finances - In Mint Condition

I so wish I new about this site a year or two ago. You all have to not just visit but sign up on Mint.com. As they describe themselves it is a free personal finance software.

It aggregates all your accounts into one site and helps you to analyze your spend and savings however you want to slice it and dice it - no more saving receipts and organizing into excel.

Now you maybe thinking how can this site know all of your business. Think of it as the organizer to all the log-ins of your online accounts. From credit cards to student loans to even car payments and Roth IRAs, you sign in all your log-ins so that when you log in to mint.com account it pulls all those other log ins. Your net worth is calculated in seconds.

As a user for the past month, I am blown away by this site. It definitely made it clear how much I shopped at Target *sigh*

Give it a try and let us know what you think. There is no reason to not continue in your healthy finances 2009 resolution.

Happy Savings!


ALERT: Alexander McQueen AFM, 2 Day's Only!!!!

The super-creative and at times controversial, Alexander McQueen has finally joined the Affordable Fashion Mania (AFM) bandwagon with the McQ Collection for Target. A former courtier for Givenchy and head designer of his own collection, Alexander has been dazzling the runway with his over the top and overly expensive collections for over 2 decades. Several lucky New Yorkers will get a chance to shop his Target collection today and tomorrow at an exclusive location. While the collection will be available online March 4th 2009, I guarantee not all of the good stuff will make it. (Trust me, the same happened to the Proenza Schouler collection I raided). So get up get out and get some McQueen!!

Alexander McQueen Runway

Exclusive Alexander McQueen: Target McQ Market
February 14th and 15th ONLY!
330 West Street
New York, NY 10014


1-on-1 With your favorite designers!

The French Institute Alliance Française presents Fashion Talks with Pamela Golbin . An intimate speaker series with 3 fabulous female designers. Fashion Talks
French haute couture meets New York style during FIAF's Fashion Talks, hosted by Pamela Golbin, Curator in Chief of Twentieth-century and Contemporary Fashion at the Musée de la Mode et du Textile in Paris.

Donna Karen 2/9/09
Catherine Malandrino 3/20/09
Diane Von Furstenburg 3/23/09

Did I forget to mention the tickets start at $20!!! You couldn't even get into their Fashion Week Collections with that price. Hurry and get your tickets! You know I have my tickets ready to go. Ooh La La!