You think you know, but you have no idea...

So think you know what your true Bra size is. Did you let one of those cute sales associates at Victoria's Secret measure you with pre-marked pink tape (hint: Vicky's may not even have your size! Can you really trust it?)? Or do you figure you've just had the same bra size since high school? If any of the above applies to you...sweetie, it's time to get a REAL Bra Fitting! You don't have to take my word for it. Tim Gunn regularly sends the guests on his show to professional bra fittings before starting the makeover process. Ensuring the proper fit for your girls will not only give you proper support but it is the necessary foundation to make your clothing far more flattering. In one episode Tim sent his guest to Bra*Tenders in the theatre district and I promptly setup an appointment. Yes, its by appointment only, but you're getting the personal attention the whole time! Raquel, the fit specialist, is a doll and absolutely AMAZING. She has been in the business since she was 15 year old a figured me out in a few quick looks. Evidently, I was wearing a band size too big and a cup size to small, nor would I have ever known without her because my size isn't sold in your average retail store!!! They have oodles of styles and brands, some I never heard of before; I could have been there for hours. For starters, I picked up a basic black, basic nude, and sexy little lace number for fun.

630 9th Avenue New York, NY 10036
(212) 957-7000

So please do yourself the favor and setup an appointment with Raquel. Your owe it to yourself to have at least one wardrobe-enhancing well-fitting brazier ($45-75 range).


ALERT! Awesome Shoe Sale

I recently went to Te Casan (for the first time) for one of those fashion fundraisers where a portion of the proceeds go to a charity. What a great event it was and the shoes were fabulous. Basically the sale breakdown as I recall goes as follows: Flats: $55; Pumps: $95; $Booties: $125. But the original cost for these shoes are $300 plus.

I did some close examination and research and the quality is up to par. The sale goes through the end of the month but the longer you wait you may miss your size.

382 W Broadway (bet. Broome and Spring)
(212) 584-8000‎

My favorites (and they all come in various colors):

PS - if you do go and visit and make a purcahse, ask if the proceeds from your buy can go to Black Girls Rock.


My Favorite Lip Balm

When it comes to lip balms I am tres tres picky. The one thing I hate is a shiny gloss that does nothing but makes your lips appear moist but underneath it feels dry. That only leads to having a two-setp process of applying moisturizer and then your favorite shine (ex: MAC's lip glass).

Finally I found a shiny lip balm that REALLY works. C.O. Bigelow's Mentha Cinnamint Lip Shine. It truly moisturizes and adds a lasting sheen. I am very much impressed.


ALERT! Body Shop Sale

This Thursday (11/20) The Body Shop is having their "Celebrate You Event" and all purchases receive an additional 20% off!

A good way to stock up on gifts and stuff just for you. I am a personal fan of their Home Fragrance Oils and of course the Body Butters.

Some how The Body Shop has my number and sent out a mass voicemail with this info. Any questions call 888-534-6159



Tide-to-Go is Good-to-Go!

I totally vouch for this product. It saved my cream cashmere sweater from a pasta sauce disaster. I heart tide for making this! It also comes in a mini version to fit in your cute little clutch.

Tide-to-Go Mini 2-Pack


Retailer Bridges the GAP

I'm quite impress these days with Gap Inc. stores' collections - The Gap; Old Navy and Banana Republic.

All three stores had their horrible moments in the past: Old Navy thought they could be Forever 21; The Gap adopted the bright colors that Old Navy first launched with and Banana Republic just forgot about sophistication.

But now all three are back on track and I highly recommend to check out their stores ASAP for the great sales they are having.

BR: Has terrific jewel tone tops and dresses for awesome prices (their way of stimulating the shopping economy) - Tip: The one in SoHo on Broadway is surprisingly always stocked up, just battle the tourists
Gap: Has gone back to classic pieces and is also showcasing cute tops, skirts and dresses - Tip: try the one on 5th and 18th street
Old Gravy: Sometimes their stuff is too cute for the store itself. One thing is for sure they can easily check off your little black dress list. They always have a nice one in their collection. Tip: I've always scored with the 6th Ave and 19th street location.

Enjoy the below 30% off coupon:


A Thrifty Shopping Exerience...and Marc Jacobs was in attendance.

People, we are in a damn recession! As much as I have fought it, I have resorted to vintage (a.k.a thrift) shopping. Don't get me wrong, I'm not too proud to wear a used piece of clothing but vintage shopping requires more effort and patience than shopping retail. With this crappy economic crisis we are in, I decided that forgoing some extra time to get some worthwhile vintage finds is worth keeping some extra loot in my pocket. Vintage shopping for the friends of fashion should come with a very strict set of rules. Here are my rules:

  1. If you feel like you are paying to much then you are! If you find yourself trying to negotiate with yourself why paying that price is OK for secondhand or consigned new goods then that is a telltale sign of buyers remorse once you get home.

  2. Remember cost includes tailoring, cleaning, hemming, re-buttoning, etc. If you start to add the costs of updating the garment before use and it is more than its worth...see Rule #1.

  3. Aim for labels! Big labels! The ones you probably couldn't afford retail (even on sale). Some vintage stores recognize fashion labels and will hike up prizes but if you are patient you will find one or two high-end labels in mixed in the the $10 - $20 pile.

  4. See The Budget Fashionista's rules on shopping and cleaning.

  5. Last but not least - Be patient...very.....very....very patient. It may take a couple of days of checking in with stores and hopping around the city until you find something that appeals to you and your wallet. Remember, giving up your extra time is that price you pay to keep cash in your pocket.

My latest awesome find is a Marc Jacobs coat for $150 at the Angel Thrift Store Coat Sale. All I need cute bag to match!


Funky Fresh Fingers For Fall-Winter

Here is the skinny on the polish trend for upcoming cold months: Go Dark. Go Metallic.
Blacks, purples, blues, browns....Very dark polish is no longer just for punk rockers and goths. Take a look around on the train tomorrow morning, women of all ages and professions are embracing this powerful fashion statement in the boldest of colors with a splash of metallic shimmer. I stopped one fabulous 40-something on the 3 train last week wearing a striking yet feminine blackish-purple and asked her "where did you get the polish?". Her response was Essie - Sexy Divine. Essie is a very respected brand on the manicure circuit..now would they (or I) steer you wrong? Of course not! The economy sucks...if you can't spruce up your wardrobe just yet, get your nails a new doo!

Essie-Sexy Divide $8

TIP: I've been a huge on DIYmani/pedicures after I discover the secret to professional manicures at home....Step-by-Step buffers. They start you off with course buffer until you end on a smooth side to give your nails a natural high gloss shine. No matter how much of a rush I'm or if I screw-up my polish, a well buffed nail will ALWAYS look salon finished. I bought one at CVS for $3 and it has 7 steps. Also, I received Obey Your Body Nail Kit as a gift which has a great buffer,but is more costly.


"Anya" wouldn't belive who I saw in Target today...

Do the words "I'm not a plastic bag" ring a bell? Of course they do. You remember the craze that plauged Manhattan Whole Food stores that faithful rainy July morning last year. So many wanted that bag and who wouldn't...uber-affordablity, eco-friendly, well-made, designer label all rolled into one cute shopping tote by an awesome handbag designer fairly unknown to Americans before "INAPB" took us by storm. For her encore, Anya created an affordale collection of her chic handbags with that preztel-knot logo we've come to adore. Anya Hindmarch for Target is available online for (2-6 weeks delivery). My pick is below. But before you snub at the $50 price tag for Target bag, let me let you in on a secret. My Proenza Scholer for Target handbag from March of last year is still holding strong and continually collects a healthy set of compliments on a daily basis. I don't expect disappointments here!

Anya Hindmarch® for Target®