Free Light Bulbs = Lowered Electric Bill

Everyone is trying to do their part for the environment, and doing so can also make your bank account happy too.

Make sure to take advantage of ConEd’s Lighting Express Program. They are working with the department of Quality Conservation Services (private contractors) to install energy efficient light bulbs – FOR FREE – in homes of qualified neighborhoods.

To find out if your residence qualifies call 866-364-8269. Simply give them your zip code and street address and in seconds you will know.

Learn more here


Suze Orman's Book - Free on Orpah.com til 2/14 8PM

Hey Everyone,
As much as we love to all shop and have nice things and to wine and dine at cool places, we have to also be mindful of our financial health for the present and the future. I just got an email about Suze Orman's book Women & Money and that it is free on Oprah.com til 8PM 2/14. What a loving gift. Do keep in mind that "free" here means that you can download the PDF version and go from there.

Personally, I wish they giving away the paperback version. The good side of it is you can check out the table of content and print out what you are interested and read in sections.

Click here for the PDF link. If that link becomes an issue click here for location on Oprah's site.


Your Online Sample Sale

There are a ton of sites out there like Bluefly that boasts great deals. But the quest continues to get those high-end designs at a much lower price.

Two sites to bookmark and add to your favorites: Gilt.com and Ideeli.com

These sites sell luxury brands at relatively low costs. So for example you an score a Tracy Reese dress for $182 that was originally $600+. The other plus is that the items for sale are not two or three years old, but current trends.

What is great about such sites is that you get the sample sale prices without having to rush during your lunch hour and clash with other desperately-seeking-good deals women and men.

I haven't bought from them, but am registered with Gilt.com and I love that you are notified in advance by email on when the sale will begin and can plan accordingly.

The catch with these sites is that they are invite only. So you can't just log-on and register. No fear KC did some digging:

Addtional Info/Resources:
- If you go to Ideeli.com you can enter the invite code CNET; it seems to be currently working. If that doesn't work then google "Ideeli invite code" and something will come up.
- For Gilt.com you need to be invited. BUT you can click here to register.
- The local ABC Philadelphia station just did a segment on these sites and you can check it out here. This station also has links and codes to these sites since doing the story. Scroll to the bottom of this page. The provided codes are good until 2/17/08
- If you are experiencing any issues email TellMeKC@gmail.com and we will send you an invite as we are registered users of both sites.



TellMeKC @ Fashion Week

Great News! TellMeKC got accepted as press for New York Fashion Week. We are very excited to share all what we see, smell, touch, hear and even taste.

Note we are doing this along with our full-time careers so what we can attend is limited, but you can catch a great deal of useful and current info online at American Express Fashion Network

Today we were SO very close to getting a standing position in the Iodice show but got the no-go when the room met its capacity level. Anyways we watched the show from the pop-up Expresso Bar and noticed the following:

- The line was definitley about black with pastel highlights
- Cynched waists - go out and get those belts
- Beautiful backless tops and dresses - get your bottle of Neutrogena body scrub if you have backne or a salt scrub for any skin condition. You are gonna need a beautiful clean back for some of his designs - or affordable designs influenced by him.. You can grab a Grapfruit Chamomile salt scub from Tader Joe's for $5.99 - a really good price.

See more of Iodice here, and learn more about him here.