Good Grub for $20 bill + a few $1s

Sometimes when you are out and about in the city (especially after some good shopping, window shopping or gymming) you just want to have a good meal with a good drink and recap the days events with your girlfriends. But we all hate having to worry about how expensive the place maybe; if you are dressed appropriately and did you need to make a reservation - too many worries.

(Arroz con Pollo $12 w/ classic mojito $8)
The solution - Hands down Havana Central ( http://www.havanacentral.com/) in Union Square (17th bet 5th and Broadway) is a top pick. As long as you like Cuban food and you can appreciate a nice hot meal..hmmm mmm mmm. Like the title says for a $20 bill and a few singles that equals a mojito, a meal, tax AND tip. Let's just say that on Sunday the pics you see of food disappeared (all of it) in the tummies of KC.

Did we say how good the mojitos were...hmmm $8/$9 delicious.

So go forth and get some new shoes from DSW; linens on sales at Filene's Basement; grab a book form Barnes & Noble and touch your face up and the nearby Sephora...after all that eat at Havana!

(Cuban burger w/sweet potato fries -$12 & strawberry mojito $9)