Track Your Stimulus Payment

I just learned that you can track your IRS Stimulus Payment online. Many of you are probably wondering "where is my money?" Click here to begin tracking. Don't panic if it says "Sorry, no information available" because my understanding is the IRS is quite behind.


Sales & Coupon Galore - Starts Tomorrow

As you all shop for Memorial Day weekend mini-vacation wears, here are some coupons and sales to help with any last minute purchases. Below is:
- J. Crew online sale reminder
- Friends and Family coupons for : Ann Klein; Easy Spirit and Bandolino.
Many thanks to my friends A & E for the info *waving at you*


Your Face, by Abebi

Rukiya Jeffers, NYC based make-up artist and esthetician extraordinare, is ready to glam your look for your next special occasions. Weddings, graduations, girls night out...you name it and she will be there to bring on the pretty! She is especially talented in working with woman of color and complex skin types. Check out her work below!

Make-up Application

Chemical Skin Peel

Abebi Beauty
917 769 5518


Old Gravy - A 2nd Serving

Months ago I talked about how Old Navy has its moments of providing basic to key fashion pieces at very reasonable prices. Some of you all might avoid this brand because of the family-esque feel it has. Don't be shy or shame to check out the latest collection. One thing that seems to be top of mind is feel good clothes. I noticed several basic tops with slight detail to lessen the blandness, but the fabrics were super soft and the prices (under $25) fit right in with a recession budget.

Cowl neck top for $14.50
Knee length dress $24.50
I thought these were cute and they are just $7.00!!!! online


Feeling Fab Under $20

I know I talk a great deal about being financially responsible and glamming it up on the budget....but sometimes I really want something for the sake of having it. For instance, I LOVE Chanel...such an iconic feminine and uber fabulous brand and I often daydream about touting a big 'ole Chanel bag on my shoulder down 5th Ave. I know there are fashionista's out there who feel the same. In fact, I once heard this woman calling into the Suze Orman show asking if it was O.K. for her to spend a WHOLE paycheck on limited edition Chanel clutch (DENIED!)

In the end, it is the desire to *feel* fabulous which causes brief glitches in our sanity from time to time. With that I offer an alternative! Get your fix of glam with the less expensive designer accent pieces. Let's say a watch, a wallet, or even nail polish...yes nail polish!!

I walked in to the SOHO Bloomingdales and picked-up this $19.00 bottle of Chanel Le Vernis. I absolutely adore it; the color is chic, it's very durable and I do feel sassy walking in to the nail salon with this cute bottle. I am very happy with my Chanel fix and even happier I didn't spend my rent money to get it!


Cool Financial Tool

I just got this link via one of my favorite daily e-newsletters - Thrillist. The DollarTimes calculator helps you determine when you will be a millionaire depending on current savings, monthly contributions and your current rate of return.

For anyone that took accounting in college you may recall do a similar exercise where if you were to contribute about $85 a month starting at age 22 to an account with an average return of 10% you will have a million by your mid 40s. Basically it is not how much you save but when you start to save.

So get your save on!

ALERT: J.Crew Sales Ends 5/2

J. Crew is taking 20% off their current spring sale items. Offer expires May 2nd at 9:59PM EST.

The clothes are so so but it looks like a good deal to grab some cute espadrilles or so some stylish yet functioning flats. For the espadrilles, they are all cute, but I will share with you my thoughts on which colors to pick.: If you are looking for these shoes to be worn past this summer I say go for one where the strap and fabric are in close color to the wicker-like sole. I say this because it creates a one shoe look. Also, depending on where you are wearing them, for instance a summer Friday at work - the look of one color looks a bit more classic. Just my thoughts.