Retailer Bridges the GAP

I'm quite impress these days with Gap Inc. stores' collections - The Gap; Old Navy and Banana Republic.

All three stores had their horrible moments in the past: Old Navy thought they could be Forever 21; The Gap adopted the bright colors that Old Navy first launched with and Banana Republic just forgot about sophistication.

But now all three are back on track and I highly recommend to check out their stores ASAP for the great sales they are having.

BR: Has terrific jewel tone tops and dresses for awesome prices (their way of stimulating the shopping economy) - Tip: The one in SoHo on Broadway is surprisingly always stocked up, just battle the tourists
Gap: Has gone back to classic pieces and is also showcasing cute tops, skirts and dresses - Tip: try the one on 5th and 18th street
Old Gravy: Sometimes their stuff is too cute for the store itself. One thing is for sure they can easily check off your little black dress list. They always have a nice one in their collection. Tip: I've always scored with the 6th Ave and 19th street location.

Enjoy the below 30% off coupon: