I'm Not A Plastic Bag...But I Do Own One!

Today I stood on super long line at the wee hours of the morning in torrential rain for 2 1/2 hours for a $15 bag. Crazy? You bet! Was is worth it? Absolutely! I got Anya Hindmarch eco-conscious bag and turned a sweet profit with the extra 2 bags on Craigslist.

Fellow AFM-ers

I am definitely a fan of affordable fashion mania (AFM). Everyone wants designer goods at modest prices and NYC is the best city to make it happen. Yes, you will need to wait on line for a certain amount of time, but you will be standing and chatting with the savviest of New Yorkers. You'll be the first and one of the few to have the highly conveted goods and as an added bonus, you can sell you extras eBay or Craigslist for a 3x the selling price!

So, my lovelies, I invite you to join me for the next edition of AFM in NYC!