Funky Fresh Fingers For Fall-Winter

Here is the skinny on the polish trend for upcoming cold months: Go Dark. Go Metallic.
Blacks, purples, blues, browns....Very dark polish is no longer just for punk rockers and goths. Take a look around on the train tomorrow morning, women of all ages and professions are embracing this powerful fashion statement in the boldest of colors with a splash of metallic shimmer. I stopped one fabulous 40-something on the 3 train last week wearing a striking yet feminine blackish-purple and asked her "where did you get the polish?". Her response was Essie - Sexy Divine. Essie is a very respected brand on the manicure circuit..now would they (or I) steer you wrong? Of course not! The economy sucks...if you can't spruce up your wardrobe just yet, get your nails a new doo!

Essie-Sexy Divide $8

TIP: I've been a huge on DIYmani/pedicures after I discover the secret to professional manicures at home....Step-by-Step buffers. They start you off with course buffer until you end on a smooth side to give your nails a natural high gloss shine. No matter how much of a rush I'm or if I screw-up my polish, a well buffed nail will ALWAYS look salon finished. I bought one at CVS for $3 and it has 7 steps. Also, I received Obey Your Body Nail Kit as a gift which has a great buffer,but is more costly.