A Thrifty Shopping Exerience...and Marc Jacobs was in attendance.

People, we are in a damn recession! As much as I have fought it, I have resorted to vintage (a.k.a thrift) shopping. Don't get me wrong, I'm not too proud to wear a used piece of clothing but vintage shopping requires more effort and patience than shopping retail. With this crappy economic crisis we are in, I decided that forgoing some extra time to get some worthwhile vintage finds is worth keeping some extra loot in my pocket. Vintage shopping for the friends of fashion should come with a very strict set of rules. Here are my rules:

  1. If you feel like you are paying to much then you are! If you find yourself trying to negotiate with yourself why paying that price is OK for secondhand or consigned new goods then that is a telltale sign of buyers remorse once you get home.

  2. Remember cost includes tailoring, cleaning, hemming, re-buttoning, etc. If you start to add the costs of updating the garment before use and it is more than its worth...see Rule #1.

  3. Aim for labels! Big labels! The ones you probably couldn't afford retail (even on sale). Some vintage stores recognize fashion labels and will hike up prizes but if you are patient you will find one or two high-end labels in mixed in the the $10 - $20 pile.

  4. See The Budget Fashionista's rules on shopping and cleaning.

  5. Last but not least - Be patient...very.....very....very patient. It may take a couple of days of checking in with stores and hopping around the city until you find something that appeals to you and your wallet. Remember, giving up your extra time is that price you pay to keep cash in your pocket.

My latest awesome find is a Marc Jacobs coat for $150 at the Angel Thrift Store Coat Sale. All I need cute bag to match!