Eating - Can It Be This Good?

Not to say that the constant quest for that nice place to eat that doesn't put a dent in your wallet is over, but Cafetasia is definitely at the top of the list. Everyone is crazy about Spice, but this new Thai and Asian-inspired restaurant on East 8th between Green St. and University Place (take the R or W to 8th street and walk down two blocks) will make you think twice.

Interior Design - Absolutely beautiful. Dark wood, candles, flowers and modern accents. Why they have the cafeteria mention in the restaurant name? Is probably because of the two long wooden tables that have a really nice sophisticated community feel. There are still other small tables throughout the restaurant if you are not in the communal mood.

Menu - This is the best part! Price range is from $1 to $12 - can you beat that? The $12 meals are for items under their x-large selections, so you can easily have dinner or lunch for just $10.

Recommendation: This is truly a great spot to go have a nice chat with your best girlfriend; meet that guy for a nice causal date or even take out your parents. The overall vibe is very versatile, and absolutely feel free to just walk right in. If your party is 2-3 people the wait is pretty short. the staff is really nice and they will do what they can to make your experience worthy of a return.

My last visit I had the tamarind glazed spare ribs and rice - $7.00!! Yummy to the tummy and to the wallet.