Across the River....

Some of you may be die-hard New Yorkers, but let us not shun some of the offerings our friends across the river in New Jersey have for us.

Two things somewhat recently discovered. If you are already hip to this info, consider this a refresher.

  1. If you are ever thinking about renting a car try Dollar Rent A Car over by the Newport Mall. Why? because you save like 50% compared to NYC prices. It is sooo easy to get there too. If you are going on the weekend hop on the Path train heading to Hoboken and Journal Square and get off at Pavonia/Newport; if you are going during the week it is the one headed for Journal Square. The fair is a simple $1.50. When you get there it is through the mall in the parking garage and folks can direct you. When it is time to return the car; right out the Holland tunnel and a couple of turns you are there....so simple you can return it before going to work.

  2. While you are out at the Newport Mall to grab your rental or not - Enjoy the mall. A while back it was a bit busy because of the no tax on clothing, but now that NYC offers the same, the shopping crowd is not bustling over there like they use to. You can do some shopping on 34th street and then jump on the Path train right there. In about 4 stops and again just $1.50 you are there - in what feels like a moment of suburbia:)