Ain't No Half Steppin' this Fall

Fancy hosiery was all the rage for 2006. Designers, like Tracy Reese, sent their models down the runway with opaque and patterned legs. Fortunately, this understated accessory is still full force for Fall 2007. Usually, I'd stock up on hosiery at my local Duane Reade but not this year. Why would I, when I can afford the piece right off the runway. There will be no half steppin' with my hosiery, I'm getting the good stuff! Below are my favorite brands.

This popular runway brand is known for being simple yet noticeable. As the name suggests, you can find tights in all of the hottest colors. It took a while for me to accept grown women wearing sporting colored legs, but just like everything else, it's how you wear it. If you subtly incorporate the color throughout your ensemble with simple layered pieces, you can make it work. A pair of Hue's will only set you back about $15.

Sexy, Sultry and oh so Sassy. This popular french brand was bought out by Christian Dior a couple of years back and is a permanent fixture on Dior runway. Élégance (the hosiery store in Penn Station, MSG entrance) claims to be the exclusive American retailer for Gerbe. Their tights are top quality, some are 5% silk for added durability and comfort. A pair of their unique tights will run about $25.

This German based company produces very sophisticated yet youthful tights. They usually carry a unique selection classy fish-nets. Every working girl should pop into their store and get a pair that tickles their fancy. A pair of Fogal's will run about $20.

Now go give your hardworking legs a treat. Get the steppin'!