ALERT: Get Paid to Buy Shoes!! Then Get Shoe Relief

Endless.com, the super user friendly online shoe and bag store, is having a special promotion: Overnight shipping is negative $5 (watch out Zappos) on all orders including sale items! They have nice mix of low, mid and high end makers. I'm giving these T-Straps the serious eye.
Thanks Changa!

While we are on the topic shoes. I want every shoe shopper out there (that means you!) to always keep a bottle of 'Premier Professional Shoe Stretch' handy. My mom used it when I was a kid to stretch my shoes to fit my rapidly growing feet. Nowadays, I find this extremely useful after I shop online and find my new shoes to be a bit tight. All you do is squirt the inside of your shoe, slip your feet in, walk for a few minutes and you'll have instant relief!! It is on sale at any local shoe repair store or get it online here. Your feet will thank you.