Farewell Mimosa....Hello Free Sangria!!!

Brunch has pretty much been the same ole "pretend" meal of the day ever since the clever little title was coined: Traditional breakfast option, traditional lunch option paired with a chilled mimosa. It's about time someplace remixed it to spark the interest of a new wave of savvy Brunchers and that someplace is Calle Ocho (82nd and Columbus). Their Sunday Brunch with a Cuban twist comes with an assortment of unique breads and spreads, a one-of-a-kind delish menu and (you're going to love me for this) FREE AND UNLIMITED SANGRIAS!!! They have 8 different barrels, 4 white & 4 red, of fruit infused goodness- you'll never want to touch a mimosa again. If I didn't sell you on the sangria then you'll love that it averages to only $15 person. Its lovely atmosphere would be perfect for get togethers and celebrations. Personally, I'm hooked and I will be there every Sunday I get a chance. Hope to see you there!

The Sangria Bar

Huevos Divorciados

Classic Cuban

Thanks Ash ;-)