The Sales Just Won't Stop....

You were alerted in an earlier post of the plethora of summer sales going on. For those of you leaving NYC for the holidays, good shopping where ever you go. For the rest of us - more sales for us!

While doing window shopping HW to report back to you lovelies the sales were just pouring out of every store:

Express has a pink sequence dress that was $168 now $29.99!!!
Anthropology is really a good place to be if you need a dress for any special summer events.
Arden B. is always the place to go for a nice party/going out piece - they have an additional 65% off.

Thanks Uli for the heads up - Zara is having their once in a blue moon sale. You can find good stuff, but be patient and look through. Oh and check out the bottom shelves for the shoes..you'll be suprise of what good finds they have in the shoe area.

This just in from devoted reader Colleen - Urban Outfitters is having a sweet sale - 50%
Colleen said: "I got 2 necklaces, a shirt and a picture for my apartment for a total of $12!"

Have fun and shop smart!