Shoe-t, It's Ain't Just for Mommy Anymore...

Now seems the time to purchase shoes you've been eyeing for a while. Now is even a better time to find shoes that transcend all seasons.

In a weekly window shopping excursion, I out sometime into a particular store that I admit I wouldn't have been caught dead in a few years ago....drum roll..................Naturalizer. That's right ladies! Maybe it's been on your shopping lists, but they have some pretty nice shoes for a pretty small buck.

I tried some that were on displayed and these shoes are comfy:

Instead of paying $98 for Sam Edelman shoes...these Naturalizer are $29.99 and look pretty much the same -

Then if you missed the J.Crew sale and couldn't catch those brown zebra print slippers - these are really cute and the leather they used is not cheap. Worth every dime, again $29.99.

Lastly - I think these slippers were inspired by the designs of Steve Madden (his shoes are so hard, he may be on a mission to hurt women - just a theory) and Guess:

Go make your toes happy or at least don't shun Naturalizer- comfort and style (just like our moms say it)