Add "Free" to Your Skin Philosophy

While getting a free Skin Physical at Sephora (mentioned a couple of posts ago), some free goodies included two samples of Philosophy's Microdelivery Peel. Don't get scared it isn't some acid like substance that will burn off your self-claimed imperfections.

It really is just a two step exfoliate that reminds me a little bit of the infamous Dr. Brandt's microdermabrasion product - real fine granules that really lift up dead skin cells.

The point is go to Sephora and score a couple of the samples, they come in their own packets. Each packet was good for about 2 uses. So you can do it for two weeks on a Sunday and Wednesday for your 2x a week exfoliation.

The product definitely smoothed out the skin and is pretty addictive.

Your HW:

Find three Sephoras and try to get two packets from each. If one packet lasts for a week then 6 with be a month and a half....that sounds like a good trial period. Go get hooked!