2 for 1 today: Inspiring Feedback

A loyal TellMeKC reader sent this feedback in regarding the $5Mani/$10Pedi place, with additional info:

Just wanted to let you know that I tried out that nail place you mentioned on your blog w/ the $5 mani and $10 pedi...it was fabulous!!! There was no wait, my nails still look great and it's sooo cheap!! Two more things to make this place fab, I'm pretty sure the lady there said they're open until 10!!!! AND I bought the 2 Essie colors that were on my fingers and toes...they were only $5 each!!! Those are usually $8 or more at other salons!!! So for me and my little sister to both get manis and pedis and buying 2 polishes, the total was $40!!!!

Keep it coming everyone!!!

"Increasing your Savvy"