2 New Beauty Favorites

Favorite #1
If you ever had the chance to shop in the health & beauty section of a Target - you may find yourself there for a few hours. However there are not a ton in NYC and none in Manhattan.

A favorite alternative is the beauty section in some Bed, Bath and Beyond stores. Some of you may have already discovered this wonderful treasure. They acquired Harmon discount stores and named their beauty section "Harmon at Bed, Bath & Beyond."

The point is that they carry a ton of all the brands you love and more - a good amount of natural/organic lines too. AND the prices are much lower than our CVS and Duane Reades.

The two BB&B locations that have this to-die-for section are:

- The one on 6th Ave. and 19th St.

- also on 61st St. and 1st Ave.

Favorite #2
Finally a clear sunblock - so no more white thick substance that you have to rub with force to get that even spread and rub in even more vigorously to blend into your skin.

Loving the Neutrogena's Fresh Cooling Sunblock Gel! The cooling feature might be a bit of an overstatement for them though.

Anyhoo, to wear get hydrated with your favorite lotion and after a few minutes spread on this easy to put on sunblock - don't put on too soon after your moisturizer or mix b/c weird things may happen...lol. It's like $8.99 at BB&B (see above), cheaper than the $10.99/$11.99 sunblocks at those other department stores.

Have safe summer fun!