ALERT: Bath and Body Works - OMG Sale!

Off to your nearest Bath & Body Works store. They have really good sale going on - it's their semi-annual sale - told you all it's that time of the year.

How good is the sale - well dig through their different sale sections. Just scored a C.O. Bigelow Rose Water lotion for $1.80!!!!!

  • If you can get some of the brands they don't own that is a plus.

  • Try to go with a friend and stack up on the Aromatherapy line sugar scrubs. Buy 2 get 2 free - so that means if you and a friend split it you'll come home with 2 sugar scrubs for $20. And to be very honest the price range for sugar scrubs is $16-28.

  • Rack up on the $1-$2 little lotions and body washes for any summer travel plans or just for your gym bag.

NYC might smell just a little bit better with this sale going on. Check it out online too.