Don't Sleep on L&T...A Coupon to Wake You Up

When we think of Lord & Taylor the picture of moms and grannies might come to mind, or the last minute run for a evening/wedding/cocktail dress.

Seriously though, while looking through the sophisticated department store they have quite a good selection that appeals to young and old and even better they don't have the mass crowds of Macy's and Bloomies.

Why you should go...because:

  • If you are in need of sunglasses they have a huge selection without the annoying fellow shoppers. So you can do all that posing in the mirror and not feel silly.

  • Their shoe section is almost like a sanctuary - finally a place to sit down and calmly try on a few pumps.

  • ...Their sales are always good. period.

Everyone thank Caron for sending the coupon:)