THEE Lucky Brand Jean Sale - It's Back!!

50% off and counting...starts Friday, June 15th to July 4th ...GO ASAP

Every winter and summer Lucky Brand Stores have their major sales where jeans are 50% off and accessories go up to 75% off.

For your Jean fix you can't go wrong. They also have cool tops for the bohemian/hippie style lovers. Oh and their belts - towards the end of the sale they are an extra 25% off. Let's just say in January a $50 belt was only an $8 -11 damage...lol.


  • Try the 22nd and 5th Avenue location, but due note it does get hot in their so bring some water.
  • Also the 3rd Ave. and 67th street location (this one tends to be quiet and well stocked).

Now go get Lucky!!