Hmm...I Like How She Did That

It's fair to say that us ladies are always looking for ways to maximize an outfit. Whether it is making a dress functional for the office and after-work fun or just adding a punch to something we already own.

Well inspiration came last Friday when a colleague put an assemble together that made you just want to go "Duh! why didn't I think of that."

J. layered a black long tunic like shirt with a satin/silk lavender champagne colored Club Monaco skirt she had tucked away in the closet. All at the office just loved it! It definitely added that punch!

So the fashion take away is:

  • Pair a short dress or long shirt with a colorful skirt (maybe even a thin spaghetti strap dress). Personally the matte jersey material (shout out to Miss DVF) and a silk/satin pair seems to be a good fit.

  • With this pairing, just a change of shoes and top; OR change of shoes and removing the bottom layer will have you ready for evening activities

  • To be even more daring - maybe this part isn't meant for the office - go to the VS sale and get a little silk dress and place under a semi-sheer simple black dress or long tunic. BR had some on sale for their cashmere-cotton like line.

  • Stores to consider for these ensembles: Urban Outfitters; Victoria Secret; Arden B.; MangoShop; Uniqulo; H&M...

  • ...my favorite spot for trendy items at low prices and without the Forever 21 and the H&M crowd - Mystique Boutique (Broadway bet. Spring and Prince).

Have fun dressing!