I'm Hooked...So Is My Bag

Do you have a purse hook? If not when are you getting yours!?!

A co-worker had one hanging from her desk, holding her beautiful bag above the floor and off of her desk = space galore in these days of suitcase size bags.

The Purse Hook is one of those As Seen On TV products that make SO much sense. You wonder why it is not available everywhere and what took so long for it to come about. Well actually Starbucks use to install hooks under their tables, but who wants to touch and feel for that - gross.

No need to pay a bunch of dollars for this necessity, just $9.95. You can order online or purchase at Bed Bath & Beyond. Call before you go to BB&D because they were sold out for a good minute.
It comes in packs of 2 - one gold and one silver so no need to worry about you bag clashing.

FYI: there is a As Seen On TV store ( (212) 420-7647) in the indoor South Street Seaport mall - I only know this because I stalked the crap out of this hook. The owner doesn't have it yet, but it's just good to know there is a store.
So say hey!!! to yet another thing to travel with...LOL.