Hunter Classic In MANY Colors

There is something about the Hunter Wellington Rain Boot I always loved. It has this classic feeling of a brand from back in the day, but able to make the female version in just the perfect amount of femininity. It is basic but yet girly and sexy and the same time - all in the details.
In my opinion it is worth to get these or something very close in version as the basic style and non-glossy shine, like many wellies we see out there, will transcend time.

I have always searched to see if these bad boys will ever go on sale. Currently I had no luck but I know there still must be a way. The typical price for these wellies is $98.

Right now ShopBop.com has them in a plethora of colors - I counted 11. Personally if there is a color you see that is not a common one to find such as Black, Green and Navy Blue, you may have to just go ahead and grab them while you can.

...plus if you buy through ShopBop.com they are offering free shipping and a free pair of welly fleece socks.