DIY - The Prettiest 9 - 5

Walking into work this morning, I dropped by a co-worker's desk to make small chat and saw that her area was just darn cute.

What caught my eye was the dozen yellow tulips that just brought life to an environment we probably list among our top three stress factors.

Of course the first thing I asked was "Who gave it to you?" and I loved the response "I did." Now how about that, when was the last time you did something beautiful for yourself?

So here is a non-traditional beauty tip (courtesy of Elizabeth *insert smile*):

- Stop in a local Whole Foods, they sell Tulips at $6 (most of the time) or a local grocery store and grab yourself some gorgeous flowers. No need for the fancy places that break your wallet.

- Drop a penny in and they will last even longer (that I also learned today).

- Voila you have an instant beautiful smile.

Thanks E. :)