ALERT! Getting Pass J.Crew Final Sale

So by now a good number of you have been watching/stalking the jcrew.com final sale. The problem is no one wants to a make a purchase they can't try on, touch or feel and on top of that can't exchange or return later.

GREAT NEWS!!! I found a way around it. As I went to clean out my online shopping cart I noticed that items that were "not available" in the current final sale listing were still listed as available in my shopping bag.....that made me go hmm.

So this is how you can buy a Jcrew.com final sale item with out the red tape:

  • Get the exact name of the item you want ex: "Solid merino boatneck sweater dress."
  • Take that style name and Google it just as it is written. Don't add additional words like J.Crew to the search terms.
  • The first link you see will be a Jcrew.com link - click it.
  • This link will take you to the site and the exact page of the item you are looking for AND it will list it at the sales price. The best part you may even see sizes and colors you thought were sold out.
  • Select the size and color and add to your shopping bag. What you will notice is the ship date is much later. Most will say available in early March
  • Better yet - you will see that that small red writing of "Final sale, no exchanges or returns" is NOT THERE.

Verification - I called a customer service person and said that I had an item in my shopping cart from before the final sale, although that item is currently listed as final sale, can she confirm I won't have any problems returning or exchanging and she said - YES!

What's happening? - Looks like most of jcrew.com items are on sale but not on the current site pages. You will have to know what you are looking for and Google it. Also it seems many items are being reproduced or being brought out of inventory for a major March availability.

Good luck and if you have any successes please do share.