Food Cometh To Thee

From what I am hearing and seeing since post-labor day weekend everyone is in full swing at their jobs. Busy as a bee is being nice, in most cases folks are running around like chickens with their heads off - sorry did not mean to be drastic.

Anyhoo, if you are having difficulty leaving your desk for grub well then just order it online through Delivery.com or Seamlessweb.com (why the latter is named so I don't know). I have been using delivery.com for almost two years and it is great. The pluses are:

  • You have your order written down so there is no chance of someone messing it up because they couldn't hear you over the background kitchen noise.
  • A good number of restaurants to choose from and the criteria used to narrow down includes minimum delivery charge; fastest delivery service to the type of cuisine you want.
  • You can place your order in the AM and schedule it to arrive by lunch time. Nice!
  • They also do cash and all major cards.

Make sure you remember this when winter hits. Oh and tip the delivery guy well, because he is most likely walking through weather you don't want to experience.