2 Shoe Brands - Remember This Fall

Rule #1 if you forgot - do not compromise your precious feet for a couple of dollars.

Easier said than done is what we all say, but we live on our feet everyday all day long.

There are two shoe brands that through experience I have come to love and respect for their above average comfort: BCBG Girls and Arturo Chiang. Some of you are probably thinking 1) Am I too old for a brand that has "girl" in its name and 2) who is Arturo Chiang?

I own about 3 pumps of BCBG Girls, collected in the past 2 years and they are the best. I wore those babies out! If you look at any of their pumps - and I prefer a 2" heel or less for work - they have a padding inside the shoe. Also the leather is never disgustingly hard around the edges.

As for Arturo Chiang, I have friends that worship his shoes and I tried on a number of them and the leather is so soft. Reminds me of what you will find in a Cole Haan store minus $250.

Now both these brands are not at the impulsive Nine West prices, but they are brands that if you get a nice basic pump or boot from them your feet will be VERY happy.

Important Thought: Why keep buying boots or pumps every year because of discomfort when you an invest in one nice pair and walk proudly.

As I always say, don't turn your nose to the department store - Macy's or Bloomies. You don't have to stay there forever. Know you are going there for the shoes, use a coupon and get out. Voila!

Tip: If you find a shoe or boot you like and not quite ready to buy, foe about 2 weeks just Google the style name and/or number. You never know what e-commerce site might have it cheaper.

Happy Fall Shopping.