You Otto Know

Don't ask what took me so long to wine and dine at Mario Batali's OTTO, but I finally did and highly recommend it.

It is perfect for girl chat, a date or catching up with whoever (college friend, co-workers or even a fun client).

The scene is expected NYC, but there is nothing fake or stoosh about it. You are greeted by a warm hostess and once you give your name and number in your party, you're handed a paper with your "train" name. Yes I said train. They have this cool flip board that works just like Amtraks arrival/departure screen.

I love this because once you check-in, head to the bar and get a bottle of wine to share with friends at one of the many standing tables - As you wait for your train - After the first sip the estimated hour wait the waitress told you means absolutely nothing.

Oh yes and I did say bottle. The wine list is extensive and vary in price from $29 to $200 ( I am sure there were higher price points - I just stopped looking). Yes you can have a glass but this is where you go buy a bottle and sip with two other friends.

The food menu is a quarter size of the wine list but good. I suggest ordering a salad; pasta dish and pizza for 2-3 people, more folks add in another dish. The food is delicious and not expensive at all - $8 salads; $9 pastas and $13 pizzas. With the split bottle total affordable classic NY evening.
Suggestion: Try making it a spot where you have a standing meeting with select friends. Maybe every 3rd Wednesday you guys meet and chat there (over a bottle...lol).
I can't wait to go back!