Colorful Strides

It's amazing how when you cut back on shopping it forces you to really re-look your wardrobe and make it happen.

Accessorizing has been the cure to stay fashionable and economical. What a necklace; bracelet; pin and even stockings can do is life saving for any shop-o-holic.

Try this: Revisit your skirts and dresses and say goodbye to the black and flesh tone tights/stockings and get some color in your life. Don't even put a lot of thought into it.

Most retailers like Gap and Ann Taylor are selling some fun colorful and/or interesting design tights to bring life to an ordinary outfit.
But you don't even need to go there. Try your major department store where the prices are cheaper and the selection is larger. My favorite is Macy's Herald Square. Go to the 1.5 floor and right there it is like stepping into tights wonderland. There is one line called Hue and they have every color and design under the sun. Use your Macy's coupon if you can. Just grab 2-3 of your favorite color tights and it will all come together. If you are scared take small steps with these colors 1) Blueish/gray; 2) brown with textured design and 3) dark purple/magenta

On a not so bad winter day I have worn opague colored tights with stack heel platform sandals from the summer. It works!

Go step it up a bit!