Rocking It Solo

I recently took on a long overdue challenge- eating dinner alone.

Maybe some of you have done this already and can chime in how great and a must-do it is.

Here is what every woman needs to do at some point. Have drink and/or dinner at a restaurant by yourself, preferably at the bar area of the restaurant.


  • One of the best ways to prove you are comfortable on your own.

  • You meet some of the most amazing people. You will be surprise of the great conversations you can have with the bartender and people around you. They are in awe that you can do this on your own.

  • What better way to try a dish or venue that has been on your wish list, without having to wait for friends to go.

This screams independence!

I recently did this at Planet Thailand 212 and it was a great experience. The bartender Matt was amazing and my curry duck was delicious. I even got to meet the manager and tried a dish with a drink for free. The benefits of rocking it solo.