Wax On. Wax Off.

I have this Love/Hate relationship with hair removal. I love the outcome but hate the process of getting there....and who doesn't! Razors leave awkward stubble in two hours. Depilatory creams STINK to high heaven and you have to stand as if your left leg is allergic to your right for 13 minutes to get your legs smooth. Lets not even get started on how much going to waxing salon costs...

In my quest to find a cheap, long lasting and EASY way to remove hair I stumbled across the Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit (for body, legs, arms and bikini)
The box contains 15 double sided strips with pre-applied wax. You heat up the strip by clasping it between your hands and rubbing them together a la Mr Miyagi. Then peal the back side of the strip from the front side, which will leave you with 2 strips. Slap it on your place of choice and peel quickly while you hold the skin taught. You throw the used strip away and do it again! I won't lie you ...it hurts...but after all it's still waxing. But its worth enduring as the results last up to 8 weeks! I must say that I used it on my legs, which I did let growth for a couple of weeks for best results. Also, I tend to have very thin hair so I would imagine that also aided in achieving positive results from this product. Since the strips use a limited amount of wax so I would imagine it would not be as effective on course hair. So with that said, I definitely vouch for this kit! Happy Waxing ;-)