ALERT! $1 Megabus.com

Just like you see with the airlines, strong competition leading to major low prices, the same is having with state to state; city to city bus service companies. We all know how the Chinatown buses pushed Greyhound to make round trips purchased online for travel between NYC to Philly, Boston, Baltimore and DC pretty cheap.
NOW check out Megabus who is coming into this space with fares as low as $1 round trip (plus a $.50 transaction fee). It gets BETTER. Book a trip for the weekend of May 30th - June 1 and it is FREE - it is the same weekend the company debuts its services in NYC. I just bought 4 Philly tickets for FREE only paying the transaction cost of $.50.

I know this sounds like an infomercial at this time but chop chop and get on it. Read more news coverage here.