Tax Time Freebies

It is about a month before taxes need to be filed in time for the April 15th deadline.
This may not be applicable to you all, but do remember that there are quite a number of online tax filing services - free of charge - based on your state and gross income.
You can learn more about them here.
For those of you that didn't have any unique situations during 2007 that requires a tax genius, try one of these sites for a free and quick tax return (that is if you are getting dollars back). Myself and several friends have used TaxAct over the years and it has been great. I definitely suggest, but once again only if your tax issues are not complicated.

Random but related note about Exemption/Allowances:
This topic keeps coming up in conversations these days. When you were hired and you filled out the W4 form and answered a couple questions with a "1" or "0" which you then totalled. Some of you single folks may have been told to put "0" while others followed directions and had a total of "2". So the number basically means how much taxes will be taken out per paycheck. It is legal to put "0" even if your total is not. You end up paying more taxes per check with a better chance of getting a tax refund. The higher that number on the W4 is the less taxes you pay per check and the result can be getting little to no refund to having to pay the government back.