Online Beauty Appts Finally - YES!!

Most of you are probably familiar with OpenTable.com. The site that allows you to make restaurant reservations online, even for the top notch hard-to get-a-table venues.

Well if you do and you are like me, online bookings are a blessing. You don' have to worry about talking to someone that will mess up your requests AND you get a confirmation number to say yes I do have an appt/reservation.

The fabulous news is not only can you pay bills ; book trips and score a table for dinner on line, BUT now you can make all your beauty needs appts too at Lifebooker New York City Whoo Hoo.

For any of you that are busy during the day and no time to chat for nosey colleagues to be in your business. With a few click voila you can book an appt at Acqua Beauty Bar and others in minutes.