Beauty Tip - For Happy Feet

With summer fun comes summer beauty maintenance.

Now, we all may have something we want to change about our feet. One of the main changes many will like to make is the removal of that little friend on top of the toe that is obvious because it's like 3 shades lighter than you. (I will assume you know what I mean..hmmm)

A very quick and easy fix to that is your handy dandy concealer. Yes, I said it, dab concealer on that bad boy and Voila! it practically disappears and you and the people across the train car are all happy!

The purchase process:
  • Try a creamy stick foundation. Black Opal works pretty well regardless of your complexion.
  • This should be a cheap purchase at your local Duane Reade or CVS.
  • Get one about a share or two darker than you. Remember if you select one as you select for your face it's not going to cover. Unlike your face you want to go darker or exact shade to your feet.
  • This is a great way to use that old concealer that was just not working for you months ago
  • Get a small size so you can carry around
  • Last, be mindful of the adjustment you made and don't put your feet up in some one's white couch.
Happy walking!